Leichtes Sperrholz 01

Lightweight plywood composed entirely of imported and domestic sustainable plantation wood veneers, mainly a combination of poplar and paulownia wood. 

Advantages: Lightweight, Easy-to-machine.

An infinity of applications due to its excellent mechanical properties and wide variety of formats available at a very reduced cost.

Its attractive white ivory colour makes it ideal for painting or coating.

Maximum sustainability thanks to its poplar sourced from fast-growing plantations.

This wood provides lightness, stability, surface quality and ease of machining; exceptional qualities that translate into a tremendously versatile range.

In additional to traditional applications such as the model making, children’s toys, and furniture, Italian Poplar plywood is commonly used in yacht and R.V. interiors to reduce weight and allow for heavier decorative finishes, such as marble, metal, or denser wood species such as Mahogany.

Applications: Marine, Construction, Furniture, Caravan, Decoration